Why we are different...

Why get the run around when you can just contact West Coast Clean and property maintenance for all of your property care needs. West Coast Clean prides itself on its efficient dealings and operating with the utmost levels of integrity, making us a preferred choice by many.

What we believe in:

WE believe that life can be simple when you deal with uncomplicated and upfront people, we actually listen to your needs and we know that if we do a good enough job for you- then you will tell your friends, simple really.

We are no fuss, trustworthy and reliable, call us and leave the rest to us, we make dealing with us as simple and enjoyable as possible, no fuss, no frills, just us cleaning floors to grills.

Please email westcoastclean.pm@gmail.com or
CALL US / TXT: 'CLEAN' to 0402 657 815 - We shall call you back right away.

Thank you,

We look forward to proving ourselves to you.


West Coast Clean was created as a means to help the disabled, homeless community of Perth. I actually work in West Perth and meeting all of the people who havedebilitating diseases like multiple sclerosis and no family to support them meant living on the street- it breaks my heart, the government only has certain drugs listed as subsidised, meaning that all of their disability pension goes onto pain killing drugs for their relief. 
 (Photo courtesy of West Australian)

Above is one of the first people we would like to house, his name is Harold. He was made homeless last year after his carer died, he cannot work due to Multiple Sclerosis which has left him weak, he can barely even talk. 

 I wanted to make something that would help people who really genuinely need it, like Harold. 

The business was created with high hopes of one day being successful enough to make a difference into getting these people into homes. 

Not everyone has been lucky enough to have a family to take care of them the way I and many of us have and take for granted, it is not until you see how hard some people have it that you realise just how fortunate you really are. 

This is our way of giving back. We are only small and this is a long way off of what we one day hope to acheive, but from humble beginnings great things have grown.

If any of you have business or ideas that you would like to contribute to help these people, I would be very open to suggestions. Please just email me on the above address and we can discuss and hopefully work together to help.

By supporting us, you are supporting those who need it most in your community.

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